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Fun things to do

The Creepy Stalker Guy crew hereby takes no responsability or liability for anything that happens as a result of reading anything on this page or anything contained in subsequent pages.  Users read at their own risk. Doing some of these activities may result in serious trouble, arrest, injury, and possibly deportation or death. You are seriously not encouraged to engage in any of activities posted on this website.....and boot legs get your legs broke....

1) SET YOUR HAND ON FIRE. ok, i know right about now your saying "oh screw that!" but its not that painful as you might imagine. you need a bottle of hair spray. make sure the hairspray covers the entire side of your hand. (i would strongly suggest that you do it on front side (palm side) of your hand because the backside of your hand is very sensitive to heat. once applied fully, simply ignite your hand using a lighter. the flame on your hand should be blue at the top and yellow towards the bottom. when i do this i like to keep a bukett of water and a fire extiguisher nearby just incase i do something stupid. If your going to do this, do it with a partner to be safer.

2) PIMPIFY YOUR LIGHER.  ok, to pimpify your lighter just means to make the emited from your ligher higher. to do this you must have the type of lighters that have a switch in the front to control butane levels. it should have a "- - +" symbol engraved on the metal top part. once you have the lighter, remove the metal casing from the top of the lighter. move the nozzle to the "-" side of the ligher. then move it to the "+" side. then lift the switch (push the switch up while bringing it back to the "-" side. once back to the minus side move it over to the "+" side. here is a cheap diagram...  -    -    +

                                                     (move down)    <<<<<< ^ 


3) FIRE BALL. WARNING: RIGHT NOW THIS IS A THEORY. IF YOU ATTEMPT THIS (WHICH YOU ARE ENCOURAGED NOT TO) AND IT WORKS, LET US KNOW. A PIC WOULD BE NICE TOO. to make a fire ball, you need these items. 1. tenis ball 2. strike anywhere matches 3. a sharp knife 4. small strip of duck tape. ok, once you have all of the ingredients, break off all of the tips from the strike anywhere matches. you will need alot of these. once this is done cut a small hole in the tenis ball with the knife. fill the tenis ball with strike anywere match tips and close the opening with tape. remember that the ball must be full of match tips. when finished, throw the ball against a wall or hard surface. the blow should make the matches rub against eachother, and the friction should cause the whole ball to ignite.

4) TALKING DUMPSTER. this is a very simple prank. simply put a two-way radio in a paper bag somewhere on or in a dumpster. when someone comes to through the trash tell them something about the resurection of the viagra king or something.

5) HOT WIRE A CAR. one of the easiest ways to hot wire a car is this. Get in the car. Look under the dash. If it enclosed, forget it unless you want to cut through it. If you do, do it near the ignition. Once you get behind or near the ignition look for two red wires. In older cars red was the standard color, if not, look for two matched pairs. When you find them, cross them and floor it.

6) PEE PRANK. Ok, you might have to sacrafice a pan for this one....What you do is you pee in a frying pan and freeze it. make sure that it is just enough urine to cover the bottom half of the pan. once completely frozen, take it out of the freezer and take out the frozen urine. next, simply slide it under the door of your brother or sister, mom or dads, room making sure to give it enough time to melt before morning. when your sibling wakes up in the morning and walks toward the door, he/she will get a wet surprise.

7)AMMONIA PACKS.  One of the most fun thing to do is get an ammonia pack and break it in someones nose when there sleeping. In case you dont know, ammonia packs have an extremely strong sent. This sent is soooo RANK that it will wake you up from passing out or fainting. One bad way to be waken up though, I would be soo mad at the person doing it to me...WARNING: SOME PEOPLE MAY BE ALERGIC TO ive heard

8) MESS IN THE BATHROOM. You know how with some people the first thing they do when they wake up in the morning is go to the bathroom? Well, if you have saram wrap handy and its early morning, before nature calls, wrap toilet in saram wrap. This way, when they try to do there bussiness, they miss everytime. Try not to be in the house when this happens, they may get you to clean it up....ewwwww....

9)GLOW IN THE DARK FLOUR BOMB. Take a wet paper towel and pour a given amount of baking flour in the center. For added fun, you can buy some glow sticks and break them in half. Poor the contents of the glow stick in the flour and mix it arround. This will make the flour glow in the dark. Then wrap it up and put on a rubber band to keep it together. When thrown it will fly well but when it hits, it covers the victim with the flower or causes a big puff of flour. If you did the glow stick thing, this works best at night.

10)ROTTEN EGGS. Get afew eggs and poke a hole on the top of the egg. Leave them in a room for just about a week. When they are done, you will have an egg that only stinks when it busts. I'll leave you with what to do from then on.

11)PEE PRANK 2. A classic. Get a ballon...pee in it. you may want to blow it up some first though, unless you want urine all over your hands. its up to you. gloves are always a good thing. duh. Do what you wish from there.

12) WET MONEY. Do like usuall and pee in the toilet. then get a dollar bill and dip it right in. leave a tip clean so you can hold it. then put it on the street corner. You may want to right a message on the dollar like "i peed on this just now, then you picked it up. haha." Feel free to pay for things with them aswell.

13) H-E-B BAG O' SMELLY. Get a HEB bag and take a dump in it. When you find a decent house, throw it on the roof. The roof of a house gets more hot then what it usually is outside. usually 20+ degrees more. It will smell sooo rank. This works best in summer.

14) MC DONALDS. Go to Mc Donalds and order a hamburger and fries. Once you get your food go to the bathroom. Use the cardboard box from the fries and a full hamburger to clogg up the toilet. Use toilet paper if necessary. Then get ketchup packs and put ketchup on all of the stalls toilet paper supply. (a tip from our good friends from burger king.)

15) BATTERY HEATER This isn't exactly a fun thing to do, but as i type this i am freezing. to make a personal hand warmer, simply take a battery and tightly wrap it in alluminum foil, give it a few minutes and it should heat up. (if its not heating up, press down on the top and bottom of the battery) it should get pretty hot, enough to keep your hands warm anyway. (i recomend taking the foil off of the battery when it gets hot enough)

16) UNEXPECTED SURPRISE This is a halarious prank to pull on some of your male friends. If your sitting down watching the game, or if your like us, beating the crap out of eachother, and one of your buddies desides he has to take a leak, put a peice of clear or electrical tape over the springy part of the door that locks the door in place after releasing the handle. While he is in there mid-stream, get a camera ready and open the door and push him as hard as you can on the back. (only works in some bathroom designs!) and get ready to take the picture of wet pants when he comes out to hit you....